Can you remember the first time you saw a birthday cake?

Probably not. But I’m sure it was a truly magical moment in your life. And maybe when you were turning one year old, they didn’t let you go crazy and discover your cake first hand. But that’s the trend now!

Just about any birthday party you go to for a one or two year old, even some older, will have a specific cake to plop in front of the birthday baby or toddler that they can just go to town with! Because young children explore a lot with their hands, feeling things and particularly smushing them, these cakes have been deemed Smash Cakes!

Typically the Smash Cake is separate from the Birthday Cake. That way you’re not denying anyone cake by letting your little one destroy it! The Smash Cake is truly an event and you will treasure the photos that come from the cake destruction for the rest of their lives – in fact, they make great additions to those high school yearbook dedications their senior year!

Do you love the look of fondant but hate that taste?

I feel you – fondant is not appealing! That’s why I specialize in using Buttercream Icing to create the same designs so they look great AND taste great. There’s no compromising on taste or presentation at Alaina’s Bakery! And you wouldn’t want your child’s first cake experience to be tainted by the clay taste of fondant, would you?! My Buttercream Icing Smash Cakes are also easy for your little ones to destroy and make a mess with, so you’re guaranteed to get some great photos!

In addition to tasting much better, Buttercream Icing is quicker to make and decorate with, so I’m able to offer affordable prices for my Smash Cakes.

Want a separate, adult Birthday Cake for your little one’s birthday?

We offer a discount when you purchase a Birthday Cake with your Smash Cake.

6″ Smash Cake with no cake order prices begins at $20
6″ Smash Cake with a birthday cake order prices begin at $10

Alaina’s Bakery Smash Cake Process

The initial consultation is informal and is typically done over the phone. You can call 336.469.7937 or simply fill out the form below. Then I will contact you with a quote and you can disclose when you need the Smash Cake. Typically you will also be ordering a separate Birthday Cake as well. Truly, the initial consultation is solely for quoting a price and booking me for the date of your birthday party.

Two weeks prior to the birthday party, we will have a follow up consultation during which you will share your ideas for the Smash Cake’s decorations, such as the theme, design, Smash Cake flavor, filling, etc. Some Smash Cakes include cake toppers. You may purchase your own and I can add to the cake upon delivery. Or I will provide the toppers for you at an additional fee.* All the details required to bring your vision for your child’s first Smash Cake to life will be defined during this consultation.

*Again, if I purchase the topper for your Smash Cake, you are responsible for the cost of these toppings, even if you cancel your Smash Cake order.

The day before the birthday party, I will bake your Smash Cake (most likely in addition to your Birthday Cake), let it cool, then freeze it for half an hour to prevent the crumbs from getting into the icing. While your Smash Cake is in the freezer, I will make the Buttercream Icing for it. Once it is cooled, I’ll ice and decorate your Smash Cake to your specifications, box it up, and freeze it overnight for delivery.

I do offer delivery for your Smash Cake on the day of the birthday party. I charge a small delivery cost, which is $0.50 per mile from 638 Malone Way, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.

To book Alaina’s Bakery, fill out the form below and I will contact you to discuss what I can do to make your little one’s birthday sweeter with a Smash Cake!

Smash Cake Flavors


Red Velvet


Smash Cake Fillings



* If you want filling for your Smash Cake, there is an extra cost of $5 per smash cake.

Need a custom flavor?

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